AcroFunkers (Zagreb) is a duo guided by a common purpose: to enjoy and have fun promoting acro yoga and a variety of skills, linking them together in an innovative way. Acro yoga is an art that combines yoga, acrobatics and therapeutic skills in a unique way, and it is also a dynamic, fun and interactive form of exercise, which deepens the trust and communication between the two (or more) people.

We gathered in 2012, having met in training, and we soon decided to combine our skills through a performance form. At our shows, you can see a blend of acro yoga, acrobalance, juggling with fire (poi, stuff, snakes), acrobatics and dance on silk. We have a lot of positive experience in performing (in clubs, street performances, theatre, festivals, and even a circus tent).

One of us has a certificate in thai massage, and in 2015 we both finished a yoga teacher training (RYS200).

In the past years we participated in educational workshops through which we shaped our skills on different performative fields:

*Acro yoga workshop with Emily Baxter – 17.-18. 8.2012. – Zagreb

*Acrobalans workshop with Daniël Meijers – 30.-31.3.2013. – Banja Luka, BiH

*Acro yoga workshop (Feniks yoga) – 21.9.2013. – Vrbovec

*Acro workshop with Bart Venne & Kirsty Stuart– 21. – 23. 2. 2014. (Zagreb)

*Acro yoga workshop with Boris & Nina Bella (AcroBhakti) – 19.5.2014. – Malmö, Švedska

*Clown theatre workshop with Lee Delong – 9.-18.6.2014. – KUC Travno, Zagreb

*YogaSlackers workshop with Chelsey & Jason Magness – 16.6.2014. – Ljubljana

*4th acrobatic convention in BiH – 11.-17.8.2014. – with: Julien Pierrot (La RuspaRocket), Sonia Massou (ESAC), Jim Klinkhamer (The Dutch Stitching Stapel) – Krupa na Vrbasu, BiH

*Hand2hand workshop with Philine Dahlman (My!Laika) – 24.-28.8.2015. – as a part of Cirkobalkana, Zagreb

*Acro Yoga Montreal with Heidi Blais – 2.9.2015. – as a part of Cirkobalkana, Zagreb

*Acrobatic dance workshop  with Sirkus Magenta /Finland/- 21., 22. & 23. 10. 2016. – Zagreb

*Acrobalans: H2H and trio figures with Hugo Hanssen – 9.,10. & 11.12.2016. – Zagreb

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